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Free Online Slot Review - Sizzling Hot Deluxe

pic. from free onlin slot Sizzling Hot Deluxe

Sizzling Hot Deluxe is yet another exciting free slot machine game in the successful slot games offered by Novomatic in Novoline series. Sizzling Hot Deluxe has fully cemented its ground as one of the most games in the land based casinos especially in Europe and United States. Sizzling Hot Deluxe slot game comes as a 5 pay lines, 5 reel game and is based on traditional fruit there. There are different symbols in the game such as lemon, prune, water lemon, cherries and an orange as well as a yellow game start and number 7. These symbols are uniquely presented in bright, clear colors with a dark background that gives an appealing and inviting visual effect. Graphic features in Sizzling Hot Deluxe game are not limited and more fun comes with the way symbols excitingly burst into wonderful flames every time the player hits a win. Thanks to the graphic effects of the game alongside the electronic, sharp, short sound effects, Sizzling Hot Deluxe has a hot, fast concept that is a characteristic of Novoline games.

Paylines and bets

Sizzling Hot Deluxe slot game has fixed paylines that are automatically activated. However, players at a liberty of adjusting bet per line in the course of the game which means even greater flexibility. At the start of the game, the screen can see the minimum allowed bet presented at the screen. The bet can then be adjusted using +/ – buttons as the player wishes. Also, the screen will also display total number of bets per spin at the bottom which is the product of bet per line and number of activated lines.


A payment of special bonus is received anytime that 3 scatter symbols makes an appearance at any place on the screen. However, this is not the sole bonus that Sizzling Hot Deluxe slot game offers. ‘Gamble’ feature is yet another very lucrative kind of bonus featured in this slot game which enables players to increase their winnings even much more by selecting the right color; which could either be black or red for the next card to be drawn from the virtual card deck. This special feature gives the player a 50 percent opportunity of either loosing or doubling the winnings at the final spin.


A combination of all the winning possibilities together with their value is displayed in the ‘paytable’. For instance, 5 oranges have a worth of $25 while 2 water melons are worth $25. Just like any other slots out there, Novoline slots still programmed in a way that they get to pay a given percentage of total money they receive in the long run. The manufacturer affirms that Sizzling Hot Deluxe has about 95.66% average rate of return to players which is quite impressive.


The online Sizzling Hot Deluxe version can be more profitable thanks to its relatively higher cash out rates unlike other gambling halls. Gambling halls normally have pay-off rates of slightly more than 60% and sometimes less than this. If you compare with an online casino, there is no doubt that playing Sizzling Hot Deluxe slot game on the net is much better where you are assured even a 96 percent payoff rate. When playing a real money game online, you are assured of more frequent wins than at gambling halls not to mention the free money offered by Stargames in form of bonus.